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Meet the team

Made in California

Passionate About Design

Sj Bryant Marketing was born out of the desire to help small businesses establish and grow their brand. Created in 2018 after finding a need for web design among fellow entrepreneurs at Sierra College, Samantha started working with her classmates to help them create webpages for their budding businesses. After graduating, she put her graphic art and web design experience to use by creating an affordable and intuitive way for local small businesses to establish their web presence.

Sj Bryant Marketing Samantha and Josh

Sam has a passion for design and entrepreneurship, and loves to help businesses create a brand that feels uniquely "them." Whether she's designing websites, logos, or social media graphics, she is always on the hunt for a design that will capture a business's target market and generate lasting results.


Tech Support Guru Josh Mathews has an A.S. in Natural Sciences and is currently pursuing a Bachelors in Computer Science from Arizona State University. He has a passion for coding and loves to help people solve their most difficult tech problems. He's instrumental in solving problems and is super handsome to boot.

Sam and Josh have been together for eight years and live in sunny Rocklin California. When they're not designing websites, they love to go hiking, camping, and birdwatching. Their love for the outdoors inspired the theme for Sj Bryant Marketing's brand aesthetic, and if you poke around the site you should see plenty of nature-inspired imagery.


  • A.A. in Business Entrepreneurship; specific focus on fine arts and digital marketing

  • Experienced graphic design artist

  • Natural Sciences; Software Engineering in process

  • Experienced customer service


  • Responsive Web Design Certified

  • Graphic Design Certified

  • Inbound Marketing Certified

  • Facebook Ads and Marketing Certified

  • Local Business Marketing Certified

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Samantha Bryant

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Joshua Mathews

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